kconfigfunctions: Redefinition of dt_nodelabel_has_compat()

Andrzej G??bek



A commit merged recently to main (see https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/commit/cd00a3a3c9b0f47c4ea0ed6f84f3fd97625311b5) redefined an existing Kconfig preprocessor function named dt_nodelabel_has_compat. This has been done in order to avoid confusion, as the name of this function, similar to other Kconfig functions like dt_nodelabel_has_prop or devicetree macros like DT_NODE_HAS_COMPAT, could suggest a different behavior that it actually offered. Unlike those others, this function returned "y" only for nodes that were enabled. Now it no longer takes into account the status of the checked node.

For cases where the previous behavior of the function is required, a new function named dt_nodelabel_enabled_with_compat has been introduced as a replacement and the Zephyr tree was updated accordingly in the above commit.

This information will be included in the Zephyr 3.1.0 release notes (I will soon create a related PR), but to make aware of this change all the developers that can be potentially affected by it, I let myself to send also this message.


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