Seeking a maintainer for civetweb

Bolivar, Marti


The civetweb module is used for HTTP support in Zephyr:

This module is currently unmaintained. I would like to ask the community
if anyone would like to step up to maintain this.

The previous maintainer has indicated they are no longer able to support
this work, and do not believe civetweb is a good fit for Zephyr:

Enough issues have started showing up related to civetweb in the release
readiness meeting that there are starting to be grumblings about
removing the module altogether.

If you'd like to avoid that and can volunteer to step up to maintain
this module, handle any zephyr-related bugs, etc., please respond. Feel
free to forward this request to anyone you know who may be interested.

Carles and Martí

(Wearing our Zephyr v3.1 release manager hats)