[stm32][ethernet] New ethernet API deployment

Erwan Gouriou


This message specifically targets STM32 users and developers that are using ethernet on STM32F4 and STM32H7 SoCs.

A new STM32 HAL ethernet driver has been released earlier this year in STM32Cube packages.
This rework was required to bring improvements and new features to existing driver.
You'll find more information on this change in this PR.

Since this change involves a compatibility break, it requires updating the existing STM32 Zephyr ethernet driver. This work has been done by Bjarne von Horn in following PR:

PR has been in review for some time now and would need to be validated against real life use cases in order to limit the risk of introducing regressions on merge. So, if you have a set up in place and some time to help the community, please have a check. Positive feedbacks are also welcome.