v2.7.2-rc1 April 15 / v2.7.2 April 22

Christopher Friedt

Hi Zephyr Community!

Over the last 2 months, we have been working with maintainers to
ensure that important fixes have been backported from main into the
v2.7-branch. It has been almost 5 months since the v2.7.1 release, and
developers are starting to ask when to expect v2.7.2.

I'm happy to share that these dates will be:
- v2.7.2-rc1 on Friday April 15th
- v2.7.2 on Friday April 22nd (after a 1 week soak period)

If there are any additional high or medium priority bugfixes that have
been vetted in main but are missing from v2.7-branch, please get in
touch ASAP with the relevant subsystem maintainer as well as the
release team (via email, Discord, or GitHub).

Additionally, the Process Working Group will be putting some machinery
in place to publish Point Releases on a regular basis. That should
help you, our community, to plan your own development cycles. Please
keep an eye out for the announcement from the Process Working Group.

Thanks to all Maintainers and Contributors who helped to improve LTSv2


Christopher Friedt

Hi Venkatesh,

On Wed, Apr 13, 2022 at 2:09 PM Venkatesh Sukumaran
<venkatesh.sukumaran@...> wrote:
How do I make sure the following commits are picked up and merged to v2.7.2?
Great question!

Generally, we prefer to do this via PRs rather than commits.

1. Search for the commit ID in github
2. Find the PR associated with the commit
3. Check to see if the PR was categorized as a bug with medium or high priority
4. If not, it is not eligible to be backported at this time. If you
would like to discuss that, please do so in the appropriate channel on
5. Check to see if it already has a "backport: v2.7-branch" label.
6. Look at the associated metadata to see if the automatic backport
was successful or if there was a manual backport. Please keep in mind,
the Release Team does disapprove backports from time to time if they
do not meet the criteria.

Until this week, automated backports were merged with a separate commit id.

However, they are being cherry-picked going forward. So in the future,
this will be possible with "git log --cherry" and a search for the
original commit id.

Using your first query below:

kernel: Reset the switch_handler only in the arch code
For the time being, to look at whether a specific commit has been
backported, I would generally do the following.

$ git log --oneline origin/v2.7-branch $(git merge-base main
v2.7-branch).. | grep "kernel: Reset the switch_handler only in the
arch code"
3cb83d1bbe kernel: Reset the switch_handler only in the arch code

So that particular commit is included in v2.7-branch.

Again, we will be switching to cherry-picked backports after this, so
you will be able to search by cherry-picked commit ids.

Thanks for asking!