Zephyr SDK 0.15.2 Release

Stephanos Ioannidis


Zephyr SDK 0.15.2 has been released.


The following changes have been made in this release:

- general:

* Fixed "ERROR: Unsupported host operating system" when running the
distribution bundle setup script on the Linux distros that report
the `OSTYPE` of `linux` instead of `linux-gnu` (e.g. Alpine, SUSE).
* Changed the glibc version for the host tool binaries from 2.32 to
2.27 (default in Ubuntu 18.04) in order to improve compatibility
with the older Linux distros.

- gcc:

* Fixed the missing C99 math function declarations in the libstdc++
<cmath> header for the AArch64, RISC-V and x86-64 targets.
* Disabled the compiler level support for the thread-local storage on
the targets without the Zephyr-side thread-local storage support to
prevent users from arbitrarily enabling it.
* Updated the AArch64 toolchain libraries to build with the
`-moverride=tune=no_ldp_stp_qregs` flag that disables the GCC
optimisation that generates the `ldp` and `stp` instructions with
the Advanced SIMD register operands for consecutive 32-byte copy
operations, which can be expensive because it activates the
Advanced SIMD context for a thread and can incur a massive context
switching overhead due to its large size.
* Updated the ARC toolchain libraries to build with the
`-mtp-regno=26` flag to ensure that the toolchain library functions
do not overwrite the thread-local storage pointer register when the
thread-local storage support is enabled.

The CI/Developer Docker image v0.24.6 includes this Zephyr SDK release:


Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this SDK release.