Zephyr SDK and building

Kalowsky, Daniel <daniel.kalowsky@...>

Because my main dev box has been in a steady state of failing for a while now, I moved everything over to a new (to me) development machine (dleung’s dregs, thanks Daniel!) with a fresh install of Fedora 23.

While following the directions on ZephyrProject.org, I questioned the need for the required packages. I believe these portions are left over requirements from the days when we built our own cross-compiler toolchain.

Is there any reason why these are still needed?

The short answer is yes. We still need these for the build tools/system to work.

Why is Zephyr’s SDK not capable of compiling everything for the OS?
Why are we still dependent upon the host computer having GCC when we just downloaded a version of it?

Seems like we just required someone to download a 350 MB SDK, plus all the dev tools for their platform at an additional 300 MB.