Zephyr v3.3.0-rc2 tagged

Stephanos Ioannidis

Hello Zephyr developers,

The second release candidate for Zephyr 3.3.0 has been tagged:

The project remains in the stabilisation phase, and only bug-fix,
documentation and stabilisation patches may be merged to the main

If you have a pull request targeting this release, please set its
"Milestone" to "v3.3.0". If your pull request contains code changes, it
will also need an associated bug report issue; please make sure to link
a related bug report issue to the pull request by adding "Fixes #1234"
to the pull request description.

Subsystem maintainers, please start updating your subsystem section in
the v3.3 release notes file:

Release milestone dates:
Release process:

Thanks everyone,

Stephanos & Lauren