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Hi Everyone;
  The master and the builder are deployed and running and github authentication has been configured.  Tyler is working on enabling some initial use cases; i.e. Running checkpatch and sanitycheck on pull requests. 
We need a final URL for the Jenkins master so we don't have update oauth applications, call-back urls, etc...

Something like a DNS entry -->

We are staging on , but I'd like to get things setup under asap to reduce hand over complexity.  


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What is the status of the bootstrap? Should we have a meeting to discuss next steps?


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Well, so let's get this party started

On our side, I've been cleaning up all the CI jobs that we currently have, with an eye of eventually plugging them to github.

There is a lot of JJB (Jenkins Job Builder) code which is convoluted and hard to follow--it's also hard to debug because we don't have access to the LF servers ot tell what's going on. So I have currently disabled the main new job (zephyr-phsaes-verify) until I can debug it farther in my inner server.

In any case, I want to very much clean all that JJB, so it is easier to plug github and reap the benefits of what we found so far.

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We already have a zephyr-infrastructure list, so let use it for any discussion related to CI, etc.

- k

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