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Hi Inaky,
  Currently we aren't necessarily looking that far into the testing yet, but nothing we are doing will prevent the use of the work or scripts that have been done previously.   I think we'll be ready to discuss the setup early next week.  It is looking like Wednesday 30 minutes after the Zephyr TSC meeting might be ideal from our end.  I'll send out an invite, let me know if it doesn't work.  


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Guys, can we have a call to coordinate all this and understand what is happening?

Are you planning on reusing some of the scripts we had for the Jenkins infrastructure? there is a lot of knowledge in there that come from all the rocks people stumbled upon before.

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Hi Everyone;
  The master and the builder are deployed and running and github authentication has been configured.  Tyler is working on enabling some initial use cases; i.e. Running checkpatch and sanitycheck on pull requests. 
We need a final URL for the Jenkins master so we don't have update oauth applications, call-back urls, etc...

Something like a DNS entry -->

We are staging on , but I'd like to get things setup under asap to reduce hand over complexity.  


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What is the status of the bootstrap? Should we have a meeting to discuss next steps?


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Well, so let's get this party started

On our side, I've been cleaning up all the CI jobs that we currently have, with an eye of eventually plugging them to github.

There is a lot of JJB (Jenkins Job Builder) code which is convoluted and hard to follow--it's also hard to debug because we don't have access to the LF servers ot tell what's going on. So I have currently disabled the main new job (zephyr-phsaes-verify) until I can debug it farther in my inner server.

In any case, I want to very much clean all that JJB, so it is easier to plug github and reap the benefits of what we found so far.

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We already have a zephyr-infrastructure list, so let use it for any discussion related to CI, etc.

- k

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