Re: this is a proposal for test issues tracking process

Perez-Gonzalez, Inaky <inaky.perez-gonzalez@...>

One thing to bear in mind, from what we have observed running CI on TCF with Zephyr is that there are issues (failures, errors) that will creep randomly and then not appear again for a while.

Thus running once will not catch them -- so I'd advocate for a way to do (1) that catches multiple test runs, not necessarily on the same commit ID.

On 12/2/18 11:22 PM, Hake Huang wrote:

Hi All,


This mail is to propose a process for efficient test working group to control the issues that are found in test runs.


1.     We need create a periodic summary report e.g.

We can choose the test runs that we need to track, my suggestion would be to use a milestone to gather all required test runs, so that we can also track community test issues, once they know which milestone we are in.

2.     Based on this summary report, we will see a list of defects that are open.

3.     We need define a periodic bug scrum meeting say by monthly? To assign those open issues to individual person, and report to jira tickets, if possible.

4.     We need post the active milestone to community, and enable them to submit test run issues so that we can also track community issues? Any better comments?





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