Re: [EXT] [testing-wg] alternatives to junit

Nashif, Anas

It is closer to what testrail has than junit for sure, but we do not want to generate something that is testrail specific, it needs to be generic.




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Subject: RE: [EXT] [testing-wg] alternatives to junit


Hi Anas,


This looks good, and I have one question, can test rails accommodate all those items? If not, how can we put them into test report generated by test rail?





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Subject: [EXT] [testing-wg] alternatives to junit


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Junit format we use is very limited and has lots of constraints, I think it is time to consider something else for capturing test results, something that can contain more information than junit does, I was looking at different options, for example nunit is promising:



Any other options? What do you think?



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