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Masalski, Maksim

Hi, I received a new reply from the TestRail.

My question:

Hello, due to our open-source project policy our management decided to leave TestRail and move to our own testing platform. I would like to know how many data we have https://zephyrproject.testrail.com/ and how we can dump data from your servers? One more question, if we will stop paying for TestRail will we still have access to the previous Test reports for our project?


TestRail answer:

Hello Maksim,


Thank you for your email. If you plan to unsubscribe with TestRail, you won't have access to TestRail instance anymore. You might want to export all the reports to a different server or location before you terminate the TestRail server license so you can access them later.


I'm sorry to hear that you would like to unsubscribe from TestRail. If you don't mind my asking, may I know the reason why your team is planning to discontinue using TestRail?


If your team intends on subscribing to TestRail again in the future, we highly recommend keeping your TestRail instance active with simply 1 user at a low monthly rate of $32 to ensure your test data remains intact to avoid re-configuring the instance. Would this work for you?


Alternatively, we can fully close your subscription and you may export a copy of your data from Administration > Subscription within TestRail.


Thanks, and I look forward to your response.




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