Topics to discuss next week July 20th

Masalski, Maksim


I have a vacation this week. So I can’t lead the Testing WG meeting on Monday 20th. Please, Hake or Peng, write Meeting minutes notes.

I want you to discuss the next topics or at least receive answers or some feedback.


1.     Is Github Storage free or not? After Intel started to upload test results, each .xml file can have quite a big size, so please discuss how much storage we have on Github to store .xml test results. Hao, please drive that question next Monday.

2.     I created a script to automatically upload test results and now I’m discussing with Anas the possibility to upstream it.

I have one issue, which I want to ask Anas. My script can push test results to my Github repository, but to create a PR from my repository test_results to the upstream test_results repository, I have to manually go to Github and submit a Pull request. Unfortunately Github doesn’t support auto PR submission into another repository. Next explanation is written there cannot submit a pull request to one repository that requests a merge to a base of another repository.” Can I push a new branch to the upstream repository directly? Only that way is possible to create PR automatically. Hao, please drive that question next Monday.

3.     To use my script which I introduced above, necessary for each company to have the same .xml file names for the test results. Necessary to make an agreement about .xml Sanitycheck test results file names. Hao, please drive that question next Monday.


If you can’t cover all the topics, it is fine, we can continue next meetings.




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