Re: [EXT] [testing-wg] Folder for target.xml results

Erwan Gouriou

Hi all,

On my side, I run the following command one for each session (testing all targets at same time)
 sanitycheck --ninja --runtime-artifact-cleanup -x=OPENOCD="/local/mcu/tool/openocd/src/openocd" -x=OPENOCD_DEFAULT_PATH="/local/mcu/tool/openocd/tcl" --hardware-map ../map.yaml --device-testing --outdir /local/mcu/zephyrproject/logs/200827/log_zephyr_daily_ci_zci_99f24aeac6_1231

So target.xml files are all taken from this unique directory.


On Fri, 28 Aug 2020 at 05:19, Hake Huang <hake.huang@...> wrote:

I run sanitycheck with  ‘-o ~/report/frdm_k64f’ such as the report will be generated to my folder, meanwhile there still be a sanity-out folder.






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To force the discussion from Github.

My understanding of the current situation about folder where target.xml will be stored to be taken by script:

For each run on the platform(target) will be generated sanity-out folder. When you run sanitycheck one by one for multiple platforms you will have sanity-out`` sanity-out.1 sanity-out.2 sanity-out.3 and so on. Firstly, target.xml files should be verified by a developer manually, at least their content.
After that, you have to take all your 
target.xml files from that folders, and put them into a common folder, for example zephyr-v2.3.0-1307-gf014ba1ff1
With that folder will work my script. It will read 
target.xml files one by one and will move them to git test_results repository. Process of moving target.xml files from sanity-out directory to the common folder should be made on user side.

For example, our Intel Daily Sanitycheck system runs sanitycheck for each platform, and then generates path for the new commit like master/master-4cf1832fa8/junit4TestRail/ In folder junit4TestRail it stores ONLY target.xml files. They are moving to the directory junit4TestRail from sanity-out folders using our internal bash script.

I think necessary to discuss that point. I expect that each company can deal with moving their target.xml files to the common folder on their own.




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