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Erwan Gouriou

Thanks Hake for the feedback, it seems I underestimated the impact of test machine performance.

On Tue, 27 Oct 2020 at 09:59, Hake Huang <hake.huang@...> wrote:

Hi Erwan,


Thanks for your comments. Please check my inline comments below(lead by Hake)





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Hi Hake,


I have few questions indeed:

1. Does it mean that would not be used anymore ?

    I suggest we keep it as weekly frequency will not be sufficient in release periods.

     [Hake] the versions is kept also.

2. Is there a gating protocol in order to avoid publishing a "bad" commit with build issues that would prevent

    having meaningful results? If there's only one test result upload per week, we need to ensure a minimum quality

    is guaranteed

     [Hake] we have some discussion this week, but we need define a scope on what to check, let me creat an issue here.

3. The duration of an automated test campaign on 14 boards is less than 3 hours (when there are no major issues).

    This of course depends on the machine used, but even with twice this duration, this can be done in a night.

    I'm curious about the obstacles to perform such campaigns on a daily basis.

       [Hake] According to my experiences, there are some efforts required, e.g. I meet download issue regularly and some time an application blocks the board due to many things. So it is no a zero cost thing, (qemu board testing is totally different from real board testing). Also the machine performance is an issue. Not everyone has a powerful build machine, for me the configurations are 2 4-core desktop PCs, which take me a whole day to finish 6 boards if there is not issues found, If something stack, I need restart another round of test cycle from beginning.








On Tue, 27 Oct 2020 at 07:04, Hake Huang <hake.huang@...> wrote:

Hi All,


In this weekly meeting, Anas proposes that we shall create a regular candency to upload our test result. If we can not afford daily result upload, then we shall do a weekly upload in a given version, this PR is to create a new which contains the week of year and version tag in dict, so that we can use this json file to sync our efforts. In such way, we can get a full report with as many boards as possible in a given tag. Please kindly give you comments.





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Zephyr: Testing WG weekly call

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