Re: [EXT] [testing-wg] about git version issue in testresult xml file

Hake Huang

I find this is because




twister: add 12 hexadecimal digits to version


With the earlier version of Git, git describe command will

use the default 7 hexadecimal digits as the abbreviated

object name. But currently the Linux kernel project needs

11 to 12 hexdigits to stay unique.So it's necessary to add

--abbrev=12 to ensure twister always generate the same tags.



all tags have 10 hexadecimal digits.


Signed-off-by: Jingru Wang <jingru@...>





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Subject: [EXT] [testing-wg] about git version issue in testresult xml file


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Hi All,


Does anyone meet this issue like


I find the problem is the version in xml file is zephyr-v2.4.0-2748-gfbb0327d3e29, but the json file is zephyr-v2.4.0-2748-gfbb0327d3e.




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