Re: ideas on interaction with other working group for more exposure on testing staff supporting

Jennifer M Williams

Hi all,


Building on this – today we discussed how an agenda can help with traction. But first, we need insight for an agenda others will relate to.


@Maureen Helm Is it permissible to create an informal survey for the community? Is there are preferred platform (surveymonkey, etc.)?


We could offer rated, multi-choice, and/or short-answer on (rephrasing needed):

·        What does sustainability look like?

·        What does community (devs, users, etc.) want and need?

·        What are the benefits to dev/community? Clarify for all.

·        What levels of testing are needed?

·        What specific workflows and tests are needed?

·        What can community and WG do to resolve?

o   Open enhancements and track?

·        What are the challenges and limitations?

o   Can be anything such as tools, workflows, timing of WG, etc.

·        What can help raise attendance in WG?

o   Overall adoption of testing mindset at all stages, with top-down encouragement to think about testing

·        Gather concerns short-/long-term


Example agenda:

·        10 minutes Opens/Updates

·        10 minutes Learning (topic-based, demo or tutorial)

·        15 minutes Asking (tests needed)

·        15 minutes Acting (code review related to testing)


Need to get a timeslot and the survey provides initial feedback. Other WGs can have full agendas and need heads up (i.e API Dev).






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Hi All,


In todays working group meeting, Maureen raises the question on how to be more exposure to other team on testing staff. And Piotr proposes that we can start interactive with other working group so that we get more involved. Here are some ideas on this:


1.      Can we select one / two working group to work with first, and by their roadmap to build up our supporting plan?

2.      Send test guys to their working group and try to build up the QA process in supporting design/release work.

3.      I know current CI is quite powerful and how could we improve it?


Any comments.




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