Minutes, Nov. 5th

Nashif, Anas


Minutes - Nov 5th

Monday, 5 November 2018



Attendees: Anas, Hake, Inaky, Svein, Andrei


                   • Hake: Test plan discussion, where should it happen? Continue offline.

                   • Hake: PR Status? Anas reviewed with comments


Anas: submitted scripts to upload junit results from TCF

Inaky: need to runs all tests on the same commit

Svein: AutoPTS is open-source now?.

Andrei: AutoPTS is automated tool for testing Bluetooth. It was only available SIG members. It will be open-source in few weeks.

Svein: Is AutoPTS an automation framework? Andrei: Yes.

Andrei: PTS = Profile Tuning Suite from SIG.

Svein: To respond to Test plan thread above.


Action Items

 Inaky: To demonstrate usage on the command line.

Andrei: To present AutoPTS

Svein: To respond to Test plan thread

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