Re: [EXT] [testing-wg]Zephyr: Testing WG weekly minutes - 02/24/2020

Hake Huang

This is a sample of using GH actions to do the build for 3 QEMU platforms, it will triggered every hour on master branch





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Subject: [EXT] [testing-wg]Zephyr: Testing WG weekly minutes - 02/24/2020


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Monday Feb 10, 2020

Attendee: Simon(Oticon), Hake(NXP), Hao(Intel), Maksim(Intel), Peng(Intel), Jocelyn(Intel)


  • Zephyr CI Testing proposal further discussion, main idea and diagram listed below
    • Automatic cloud build based on QEMU, this shall be organized with the same framework as zephyr developing CI(currently shippable but likely GH actions)
    • Result Repo to store sanity check compatible result and daily test hash number
    • QM script to scan result repo and upload all daily report to test rails


  • Why this CI Testing proposal is beneficial
    • Enable different HW variants(from different Zephyr users) testing and publish the testing results to community
    • Improve code quality
  • Simon: Sanity-check has not been enabled in Oticon due to system complexity. Simon will give high level presentation about testing activities in Oticon
  • ARs
    • Hake to send out Agenda to testing group mailing list every week before Testing WG meeting
    • Hao to work on presentation slides for part 2&3
    • Hake to invite Anas and Kuma to next week’s meeting(confirm the time)





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