Zephyr: Testing WG weekly call

Simon Sebastian Rubenhagen Stiil

Attendees: Hake, Simon, Jocelyn, XuHao, Chen Peng.
Topics discussed today:
  1. Hake did not get to discuss with Anas about resource HW server and shippable will be pushed to next meeting.
  2. Simon gave a simplified presentation about the chipset structure in the Oticon HI:
  1. Only part of the system running zephyr.
  2. Not build for a UART or printf like interface natively
  3. Have built tools for our debugging interface to have buffer that can be used by zephyr printf
  4. Can run sanity test manually.
  5. Have prioritized Bluetooth Qualification tests over Sanity for automation.
  6. Will have automated zephyr sanity tests.
Best Regards
Simon Sebastian Rubenhagen Stiil (SIST)

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