[EXT] [testing-wg] Upcoming Event: Zephyr: Testing WG weekly call - Mon, 05/18/2020 6:00am-7:00am, Please RSVP #cal-reminder

Hake Huang

Hi All,


Meeting agenda for this weekly meeting:


  1. Come up with ideas for test report.(5 minutes). round table discussion
  2. CI demo on 2.3.0-RC1 trail. (5 mintues) Anash
  3. Discussion on test result type definition. (20 minuts) Anash


proposal is as below:

·         TPASS Passed - (color: green) test was successful

·         TFAIL Failed - (color: red) test assertions failed

·         TSKIP Skipped - (color: yellow) Test was skipped because of missing pre-requisite or configuration

·         TWARN Warning - (color: magenta) test produced warnings - usually produced when test cleanup failed to restore the system

·         TBROK Broken - Broken is usually reported when test setup fails before the test even attempts to test the test assertions

·         TUNSTABLE – (color: cyan) (test was successfully executed but found failures.)


6. TestRail test result upload slow follow up. (15 minutes) Hao/Maksim


7Define a process to integrate community CI report initial discussion. (10 minutes) round table discussion


8. Try to replace Test Rail, think about how to replace it. Come up with ideas. (10 minutes) round table discussion


  1. Open source test report with data mining support.


       .2. Linaro test report