Suggestions for the Zephyr Quality report

Perkowski, Maciej

Dear Testers,

The discussion about the Zephyr Quality report ( is ongoing and we are systematically filling the report. I would like to ask everyone who is taking part in the process to add/expand the description for each section/paragraph they are working on. It is important to add information explaining what the reader is looking at and also why this information is provided (what is the purpose).


I would suggest focusing on writing the descriptions before we continue discussing each item in the report. I think we spend too much time during the meetings on asking/replying "what are we looking at?”. I believe having the purpose written down can also help in shaping the entry and validating if the entry fulfills the described goals.


I would also suggest that we start using a coherent standard for the document format.  I opt for a standard that is used in scientific papers. In particular the following rules:

-each table and figure has to be referred to in the main text (no tables/figures without being mentioned in the main text)

-each table and figure needs a proper description. The description (caption) for a figure is put directly under the figure and starts with "Fig. x.x: " and the description for a table is located directly above the table and starts with "Tab. x.x: "


I believe keeping the above standards could ease the report creation/validation process.


Best regards


Maciej Perkowski | Software Test Developer
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