[EXT] [testing-wg] Zephyr: Testing WG weekly call - Mon, 10/05/2020 1:00pm-2:00pm, Please RSVP #cal-reminder

Hake Huang

Hi All,


This weekly meeting agenda.


1.      Some discussion on test result generation alignment which raised by Alexey(github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/issues/28113).  – 10 minutes (Alexey)

2.      Shall we summarize our test command in a wiki. – 5 minute (Hake)

a)       As  https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/wiki/Continuous-Integration

3.      Seeking tools to better summarize the test result. – 10 mintues (Hake)

a)       Current test report is generated by junit via ` junit2html results.xml output.html`.

                     i.            Pros:

1.        Easy to generate all report.

2.        Open source. No complext database required, easy to integrate to CI

                    ii.            Cons:

1.        The summary report is too long to read.

2.        Can not sort/ filter dynamically.

3.        No historic data analysis.

b)       Target:

We need to build up a good scripting system, combine with several opensource project solution, which can do below:

1.        Open source easy to integrate to CI.

2.        Easy to generate report.

3.        Test result can be sorted and filterred.(we need scripts to summary several release RC, and use css/in line script to support this)

4.        Further test data minerring. (scritps that can do test data analysis), release snapshot analysis can be generated by this tools and put to wiki, and anyone can setup same analysis environment by own.

a)       https://rapidminer.com/get-started/

b)       https://www.knime.com/

c)        https://datamelt.org/

4.      Find out the Main Editor person who will responsible for all editing in the document. – 10 minutes (Maciej)

[Maksim]I vote for Maciej. I would to suggest that only 1 developer can perform document editing before the community review.

5.      Figure out (!) golden sample for the section. Develop stable style of the document. – 10 minutes (Maciej)

6.      Please read our Release Summary Report document and give your review comments (email or during the meeting). – 15 minutes (All)






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