Event: Zephyr: Testing WG weekly call - 06/30/2022 #cal-reminder meeting minutes #cal-reminder

Hake Huang

Hi All,

Thursday 6/30 2022


  • Alexey Brodkin(Synopsys)
  • Aaron Massey(Google)
  • Artern Panfilov(Synopsys)
  • Danny (Oticon)
  • David Leach(NXP)
  • Enjia Mai(intel)
  • Eugeniy Paltsev(Synopsys)
  • Hake Huang (NXP)
  • Lixin Guo(Intel)
  • Jocelyn Li (Intel)
  • Jereme Bettis(Google)
  • Jinru wang(Synopsys)
  • Maciej Perkowski (Nordic)
  • Meng xianglin(Intel)
  • Matthew Holenko (Antmicro)
  • Nashif Anas(Intel)
  • Paul Fagerburg(google)
  • Piotr Zierhoffer (Antmicro)
  • Piotr Gołyźniak(Nordic)
  • Qi Chervl(T-Mobile)
  • Rob Woolley(Wind River)
  • Ruffer Dennis(T-Mobile) 
  • Steven Wang Li(Intel)
  • Stephanos loannidis(Nodic)
  • Rattanakone Raam(T Mobile)
  • Yerabolu Spoorthy Priya(Intel) 

1.     Switch to new Ztest API summit.

       We need start to switch old Ztest format to new Ztest api, and we need discuss on the schedule, taks assignment and process.

a.      Migration guide

b.      Schedule

c.      process

Please fill your name beside each subtask so that team will know the stack-holder



2.  PR talk on twister run only https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/pull/46078

       I will give a demo on distribute test build/run solution and gather feedback the readme is list here







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