Zephyr: Testing WG meeting minutes 20230105

Hake Huang

Thursday 01/05 2023


  • Aaron Massey(Google)
  • AI Semjonvos(Google)
  • Alexey Brodkin(Synopsys)
  • Artern Panfilov(Synopsys)
  • Danny (Oticon)
  • David Leach(NXP)
  • Enjia Mai(intel)
  • Eugeniy Paltsev(Synopsys)
  • Hake Huang (NXP)
  • Hongbo(Intel)
  • Hein Simon(Baumer Electric AG)
  • Lixin Guo(Intel)
  • Jocelyn Li (Intel)
  • Jereme Bettis(Google)
  • Jinru wang(Synopsys)
  • Kosycarz Piotr (Nordic)
  • Maciej Perkowski (Nordic)
  • Meng xianglin(Intel)
  • Matthew Holenko (Antmicro)
  • Nashif Anas(Intel)
  • Paul Fagerburg(google)
  • Peng Cheng(Intel)
  • Piotr Zierhoffer (Antmicro)
  • Piotr Gołyźniak(Nordic)
  • Qi Chervl(T-Mobile)
  • Richert, Szymon1(Intel)
  • Rob Woolley(Wind River)
  • Ruffer Dennis(T-Mobile) Richert, Szymon1
  • Shao ming(Intel)
  • Steven Wang Li(Intel)
  • Stephanos loannidis(Nodic)
  • Rattanakone Raam(T Mobile)
  • Yerabolu Spoorthy Priya(Intel) 
  • Yves Vandervennet(NXP)

  1. Twister V2

Maceij demo the new twister

a.       https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/twister 

b.       Join Discord #twister for discussion and contribution

c.       There is a code coverage report in twister


Uisng https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr-testing to pilot the run.(in mid of 2023 we will be able to do 80% task in twister v1)


     2.         Plan for 2023, discussion.


a)   Twister V2.

Current: We have twister v1 currently, which is a zephyr dedicated python script which can build/run/report zephyr testcases.

Plan: And we plan to evolve twister to be more powerful and productive based on pytest framework. 




b)    T1 board test suite definition and weekly testing

Current: we conduct weekly testing on boards with all supporting cases.

Plan: staging cases in qemu/board, reduce the test scopes to more board-dedicated to improve efficiency.


c)     Open Elastic / Open Search based test report and analysis system implement and improvement.

Current: we use a result repo to store the test report, which is not so UI friendly. And it is hard to do data analysis based on those test report.



Plan: enable test data analysis on Open Elastic / Open Search based system.

d)    Release testing for 2023

Current: We do release board testing on all the Release candidates in 2022. And report issues for each release candidates, and verifying bugs

Plan: extend the same testing to 2023.


e)    Twister build/ run guider on integration with CI system(Jenkins/customized) for board testing

Current: We do not have CI integration process

Plan: define test framework with CI integration oriented.


f)        Coverage test enhancement with QEMU (expand to subsystem, which now mainly based on Kernel)

Current: currently we can get code coverage from QEMU system, but the gap is not analyzed.

Plan: setup the regular coverage analysis process, and start to analysis the gaps


g)   Docs and presentation for testing/CI/coverage on Zephyr events

Current: members present twister v2 / virtual bus testing on ZDS 2022 

Plan: extend this efforts for 2023




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