Zephyr: TSC Meeting Minutes (7/29/20)

Brett Preston

Zephyr Project TSC - 29 July 2020


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Voting TSC Members in Attendance [12 = quorum] - Quorum reached.

Voting TSC Member


Voting TSC Member


Voting TSC Member


Amber Hibberd


Ioannis Glaropoulos


Nate Graff


Anas Nashif


Johan Hedberg


Piotr Mienkowski


Asger Munk Nielsen 


Johann Fischer


Rasmus Abildgren


Carles Cufi


Kumar Gala (Kevin Townsend - alternate)


Ruud Derwig


Danny Ørndrup


Mark Grosen


Ryan Erickson


David Brown


Maureen Helm


Scott Shawcroft


David Eriksson (Joel Westerberg - alternate)


Michael Gielda (Peter Gielda - alternate)


Stefan Mijovic


David Leach


Michael Scott


Out of Office / Vacations

  • TSC Member Name - Dates

    • Stefan Mijovic: until July 29

    • Ruud Derwig: until August 7

    • Johan Hedberg: August 3 - August 23 

    • Erwan Gouriou: July 24 - August 10


  • GitHub Permissions - Next Steps:

    • Map GitHub terms (code owner, member, collaborator, owner) to Zephyr Project charter terms (maintainer, committer, contributor)

    • Define process to grant and revoke merge rights and code ownership

  • Safety Committee [Amber]


  • [link to presentation]

  • Meeting recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LS35og2jh1_lMcaorCn9QwAhCnwlrFpN/view?usp=sharing

  • OPC UA for Zephyr

    • What is OPC UA

    • S2OPC and open62541

    • S2OPC on Zephyr

  • https://opcfoundation.org/ / https://opcfoundation.org/markets-collaboration/

  • Zephyr and S2OPC - Next Steps

    • Finish integration (code review, …)

    • Demonstrator with AntMicro: Renode and S2OPC on TSN

    • OPC UA PubSub on MQTT

    • OPC UA Safety

  • [Carles] Went through both projects - there are very strong claims on the side of open62541 on code quality, fuzzing tests, etc. Do you run the same type of tools/tests? Does the codebase follow a set of coding guidelines that ensure it can be certified for functional safety

    • [Vincent] Run tools from OPC UA Foundation. Can not put script in repo as it’s only available to members

    • [Vincent] Run Coverity

    • [Vincent] Run fuzzing tools as well (member of the Google fuzzing project)

    • [Vincent] Follow MISRA rules (using Coverity) as well as cybersecurity rules in France

    • [Vincent] Academics also ran additional static analysis tools, such as clockwork

  • [Carles] Went through releases as well -- open62541 around 5 years

    • [Vincent] 4 years for S2OPC

  • [David L] How is it being integrated with Zephyr?

    • [Vincent] Idea was that we can suggest using S2OPC as an OPC module inside Zephyr

    • [David L] Depending on how it’s integrated, it can be left up to the users on which one they want to use?

  • [Maureen] Is certification with OPC, primarily an interop type thing?

    • [Vincent] If you want to certify a product using S2OPC, you must go to the OPC Foundation.

    • [Vincent] Functional part on the protocol; functional test cases. Robustness test (72 hour run for memory leak). User manual of the product to see if a user is able to configure the product in the correct way. OPC Foundation does not check the functional safety part.

  • [from chat] for information:

  • [Kumar] Any changes required on the Zephyr side?

    • [Vincent] udp multicast

    • [David L] If touchpoints are fairly limited, then the burden of maintaining this would lie more on the other open source project

    • [Kumar] Net - what is the ask of Zephyr?

    • [Carles] The way to go is to create a module (repo) which has a copy of the code (which contains the porting layer and is maintained by S2OPC)

  • [Kumar] TSC needs to have a follow-up discussion to decide if we want to do that; want to avoid module bloat

  • [David L] How would you get a manifest to point to a 3rd party project

  • [Anas] Problem is if we have everything by default. We shouldn’t get into the business of selecting one single implementation. Need to think about how the module is self-contained enough that much functionality is contained by itself

  • [Kumar] Consider having a modules-extra?

  • [Carles] Today all of our kconfigs are in the main tree

  • [David L] Relevant conversation to continue to have.

  • [Vincent] We have a common interest to work together around safety and security. Interested to work with Zephyr (don’t have all the test bench that Zephyr has on it’s own).

  • [Maureen] To TSC: Is there interest from multiple people for including this? More time needed to think about it?

    • [Kumar] Concern is less about picking one. It’s more about maintenance. Want to have a conversation around before we vote.

    • [Anas] Approach makes sense. First have optional; can elevate once we have more exposure

  • [Maureen] Continue discussion around potential for having a modules-extra on next week's TSC call

  • Communication platform (Slack vs. Discord) [Kumar]

  • Moved to next TSC meeting

  • Synchronization; Continued discussion around the options to do upmerge in module repositories.

  • Ioannis will be sending email to the mail list -- input requested

    • Request to send RFC to the public TSC list

  • Release update and plan (2.4) [Maureen]

  • Moved to next TSC meeting


  • Zephyr Slack - Join here

  • Upcoming Zephyr Events

    • TBA

  • Speaker’s bureau (Zephyr Ambassador Program)

    • Ambassador Application created.   Needs to be filled out by those who want to participate as ambassadors for the project.  

  • CFPs/Events

Open Source Summit / ELC Europe: 26-29, October, 2020 - Virtual

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