Re: MPU FAULT when starting BLE peripheral sample on nrf52840_pca10056

Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa <vinayak.kariappa.chettimada@...>

Try: ninja -v


If using make, then, its “make VERBOSE=1”


Look for the “-L … “ option supplied when compiling.


You can join the IRC #zephyrproject channel at, if you need faster response.






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Subject: Re: [Zephyr-users] MPU FAULT when starting BLE peripheral sample on nrf52840_pca10056


Hey Vinayak,


how do I get these information? I’m using cmake with ninja as generator as recommended on the zephyr project page.


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Am 03.08.2018 um 11:15 schrieb Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa <vinayak.kariappa.chettimada@...>:


Hi Phil,


Could you please build with verbose and check if correct gcc library for armv7e-m is compiled in (from the correct gcc revision).


Which version of GCC do you use?







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Subject: [Zephyr-users] MPU FAULT when starting BLE peripheral sample on nrf52840_pca10056



I'm trying to run the BLE peripheral sample of the zephyr v1.12.0 branch on the NRF52840 PCA10056 DK. I built the sample under macOS 10.13.6 using the arm-zephyr-eabi toolchain built with sdk-ng on that machine.

Every time I start the board, I get following output on the console.

***** Booting Zephyr OS v1.12.0 *****

[bt] [INF] hci_vs_init: HW Platform: Nordic Semiconductor (0x0002)

[bt] [INF] hci_vs_init: HW Variant: nRF52x (0x0002)

[bt] [INF] hci_vs_init: Firmware: Standard Bluetooth controller (0x00) Version 1.12 Build 0

[bt] [WRN] bt_pub_key_gen: ECC HCI commands not available

Bluetooth initialized

[bt] [INF] bt_dev_show_info: Identity: e1:d5:6c:a1:a2:b3 (random)

[bt] [INF] bt_dev_show_info: HCI: version 5.0 (0x09) revision 0x0000, manufacturer 0x05f1

[bt] [INF] bt_dev_show_info: LMP: version 5.0 (0x09) subver 0xffff

***** MPU FAULT *****

  Executing thread ID (thread): 0x200003dc

  Faulting instruction address:  0x20000bd2

  Instruction Access Violation

Fatal fault in thread 0x200003dc! Aborting.


Advertising successfully started

It doesn't seem that Advertising has been started as promoted. I get the same or a similar issue with the other BLE samples, too.

Hope somebody may help me with this issue.


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