Re: SPI on nRF52-PCA10040 possible? #nrf52832


Hi Joe,
thanks again for your fast answer.

I tried to run spi_loopback/spi.c
on nrf52840_pca10056 but i am still running into problems.

I will explain the problem, if someone has the time to take a short glimpse over it, i would very much appreciate it.

The idea/goal is just to send data via spi_transceive.
To do so i changed the main method to setup the tx and rx buffers
as well as struct device *spi_fast.

The spi_config is setup before with:

struct spi_config spi_cfg_fast = {
    .frequency = FAST_FREQ,
    .operation = SPI_OP_MODE_MASTER | SPI_MODE_CPOL |
    .slave = SPI_SLAVE,
    .cs = SPI_CS,

I also added CONFIG_SPI=y in the nrf52840_pca10056.conf file.

The main method is:

void test_main(void)
//setup the buffers here
    const struct spi_buf tx_bufs[] = {
                .buf = buffer_tx,
                .len = BUF_SIZE,
        const struct spi_buf rx_bufs[] = {
                .buf = buffer_rx,
                .len = BUF_SIZE,
        const struct spi_buf_set tx = {
            .buffers = tx_bufs,
            .count = ARRAY_SIZE(tx_bufs)
        const struct spi_buf_set rx = {
            .buffers = rx_bufs,
            .count = ARRAY_SIZE(rx_bufs)
//finishesd setting buffers

//setup the device
    struct device *spi_fast;
    spi_fast = device_get_binding(SPI_DRV_NAME);
//finished setting up device

//check parameters
//finished checking parameters

    int ret;
    ret= spi_transceive(spi_fast, &spi_cfg_fast, &tx, NULL);

    if (ret) {
        SYS_LOG_ERR("Code %d", ret);

    printk("Still alive and trying.\n");

The problem is, that if i flash the board i get the following output:

The program hangs at spi_transceive and never reaches printk("Still alive and trying.\n");

However if i set ret= spi_transceive(spi_fast, &spi_cfg_fast, &NULL, &NULL); so output is set to NULL i get:

Does someone have an idea what is going wrong?

Thanks again.

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