Re: Is Zephyr able to control a Bluetooth Device via HCI #ble #hci

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Hi Oliver,


If I understand correctly, you want to run Zephyr OS on Cypress BLE chips, but do not want to use the fully open source BLE stack in Zephyr OS. You will need to start with adding your SoC and  board support in Zephyr project.


If you just want to use Cypress BLE chip as HCI controller to your host SoC that you want to migrate to Zephyr OS, then Zephyr BLE host stack supports many HCI transports (H4 over SPI/UART/USB), besides you add your host SoC and board support in Zephyr project anyway.


If you provide further details about your board, single chip solution or connectivity solution, we may be of better assistance.





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i'm currently using Cypress BLE chips for my projects and i want to evaluate Zephyr. Since i think it rather complicated to get a new BLE stack running, my idea was to use the Cypress BLE Stack together with Zephyr over HCI on the same device. 

Question: Can Zephyr control a BLE Stack via HCI?


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