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Hi Rodrigo,

Glad to hear your success with first custom board made to run Zephyr.

You are right, the ENABLE_TRACE in the Nordic external MDK is not a Kconfig option in Zephyr.

This will need a new MDK release to be integrated. I will inform our team regarding this.



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Subject: [Zephyr-users] How to use TRACEDATA pins as GPIO - #nrf52832 #customboard
I have developed a custom board based on the nrf52832. Everything is running properly and I am glad to have my first board made to run Zephyr on it.

The only issue I am facing right now is that we have used some pins that are shared with TRACEDATA and I could not see any straightforward way of disabling it on Zephyr. Is there any? I have already disabled the CONFIG_SEGGER_SYSTEMVIEW config on my board files but it is still being used as TRACEDATA and not as GPIO. I have found the ext/hal/nordic/nrfx/mdk/system_nrf52.c file that has information related to that and says if we define ENABLE_TRACE the pins will be attached to TRACEDATA. I could not find any point where the ENABLE_TRACE is being defined. I could change the cited file in HAL directly, but I think it is not a sustainable solution.

Any clue on that?

Thank you very much.
Best regards,
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