Re: DFU via UART

Carles Cufi

Hi Phil,


the smp_svr sample already enables DFU over the console:

You can use a simpler alternative by disabling the shell and enabling direct UART transport:


The difference is just using BASE64 encoding in the shell transport.


Regarding the mcumgr parameters:


You can use a connection profile like:

mcumgr conn add myserial03 type=serial connstring="dev=/dev/ttys003, baud=115200"




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Subject: [Zephyr-users] DFU via UART



I had a look at the smp_svr sample and was able to flash the bootloader and the sample applications (via bootloader). Now I'm wondering how to use the same Management subsystem to perform a DFU via UART. The sample just explains how to update via BLE.

What config parameters do I have to set in my .conf file and what is the correct call of the mcumgr command line tool?



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