Sending and receiving mcumgr commands via BLE

Flavio Arieta <flavioarieta@...>


I'm trying to send an image to my board (nrf52_pca10040) using mcumgr via BLE (Zephyr v1.13.0) and encountered some problems while doing so.

Example followed: "samples/subsys/mgmt/mcumgr/smp_svr". The only thing that I changed was disabling CONFIG_MCUMGR_CMD_FS_MGMT and CONFIG_FILE_SYSTEM_NFFS since I am not going to use nffs fs.

I started doing some tests with easier commands:
sudo mcumgr --conntype ble --connstring ctlr_name=hci0,peer_name='Zephyr' image list
    version: 1.2.0
    bootable: true
    flags: active confirmed
    hash: 4a9fab74e71499df7dfe71c605852a5e63d794920a705e264d980f7374873166
Split status: N/A (0)
sudo mcumgr --conntype ble --connstring ctlr_name=hci0,peer_name='Zephyr' reset
Board resets normally

Then I tried to both test the current image and upload a new image:
sudo mcumgr --conntype ble --connstring ctlr_name=hci0,peer_name='Zephyr' image test 4a9fab74e71499df7dfe71c605852a5e63d794920a705e264d980f7374873166 -t 100
sudo mcumgr --conntype ble --connstring ctlr_name=hci0,peer_name='Zephyr' -t 90 image upload dfu-zephyr.bin

They do connect via BLE every time, but unfortunately these last 2 commands end up hanging (always 0% on the image upload).
On the upload command it even erases the flash, but don't go as further as to receive any part of the new image.

Logs from mcumgr:

Am I missing something? Because it seems that the communication from both are right, but some reply messages seem to never arrive to my notebook using mcumgr-cli.

Flávio Arieta Netto.

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