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Boie, Andrew P

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The board is one of these: I
have been flashing it with STLink + OpenOCD and I’m trying to figure out how I
can debug the chip with that setup + GDB. I am not using the Nordic dev kit. Let
me know if there’s any additional info I can provide and thanks for you help!

Is there a way I can override the Zephyr fault hander so that I could, for
example, flash an LED or repeatedly log something to the serial output?
Yes. _SysFatalErrorHandler is declared __weak just for this purpose.

In your application, implement:

void _SysFatalErrorHandler(unsigned int reason, const NANO_ESF *pEsf)

And implement whatever policy you would like for fatal errors.
The default implementation for ARM is in arch/arm/core/sys_fatal_error_handler.c


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