Reconnect to a provisioned node in Mesh BLE #bluetoothmesh #ble #meshctl

Uilter Witte


I'm working with Zephyr Project to study and build light solutions using Mesh BLE.
To proof the concept I'm using the following setup:
- 2 boards of Nordic with nRF52832 model PCA10040;
- Raspberry Pi Zero W with Bluez 5.50;
It worked without problems.
I'm using Zephyr Kernel v1.13.0 and Zephyr SDK 0.9.5.
My first objective is been able to provisioning and control the nodes through linux using the bluez.
Today I can do that, but I'm experiencing some problems in the reconnection phase of the node when I fully power it off.
How can I reconnect the node through bluez and control it again?
I'm not find any tips on internet or something like that.
Thank very much to tips or advice.
Uilter Witte

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