COAP Client and server examples over BLE #nrf52-pca10040 #ble

swapnil <swapnil2007kadam@...>


I have been trying to use COAP server and client examples over BLE for the last few days but not able to communicate between server and client. 

I will be grateful if I get help me with the following doubts. 

 I tried ipsp example from Bluetooth examples and it worked fine with the nrf52 dk.
 I thought of using the coap client and server from net examples with the two nrf52 DK, one for the client and another for Server.
 first, i compiled the client application with prj_bt.conf and after flashing it, bt shell opened. I followed the same procedure which i followed for the ipsp example and i was able to ping the client from Linux host.
 furthermore, I flashed coap server in another nrf52 DK. As there is no shell configured in conf file, nothing was on a screen.
 To get an access to the Bluetooth i configured bt shell for the server as well, but with that, i wasn't able to turn on the advertisement. 

  • What procedure needs to be followed to establish a BLE connection with these two devices? what configuration is needed to establish a connection between client and server?
  • how can I send a GET request to the server as only bt shell is present on the screen? and how one can see resources present on the server?

Thank you in advance.


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