Re: Example of how use UART to communicate with a LTE modem #stm32 #uart

Stefan Jaritz

Hey Gustavo,

I had the same problem some moths ago. Some help to get into it:

1.) check how uarts work in ZephyrOS(poll/interrupt driven)

2.) maybe you need to setup the uart port, with different pins etc. Then you have to change the device tree. You can start with you test board and follow the includes till you reach the definition of the uart and its pins.

3.) Bluetooth stuff

Keep in mind when you are on the master branch that the API is changing from time to time. p.e. 2 days ago the uart_poll_out function changed and broke my demo project. :D



On 29/11/2018 23:50, Gustavo FN wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am new with Zephyr OS and I have a STM32 nucleo l4rz5i board. I'm using the default UART2 port for console output and I would like to use uart1 to connect to a LTE modem, to be able to send data to an API over AT commands. Basically I need to know how to setup the UART1 port, be able to send commands and read the response from the LTE modem.

As far as I have seen, is no simple uart example in the sample section. So it is difficult for me to figure out how to take the initial steps. Please, has someone did it before and could share how it was done? All the best

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