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As far as I have seen, is no simple uart example in the sample
section. So it is difficult for me to figure out how to take the
initial steps. Please, has someone did it before and could share how
it was done?
Coming back to this original question of UART API in Zephyr, the
current situation is that we have a few such APIs, all either subideal
or not yet fully finished. In that regard, I'd like to draw attention
to an API I'm working on: .
This provides buffered UART access modeled after Unix/POSIX "tty" API.

And that's exactly my response to multitude of UART APIs in Zephyr:
instead of inventing own Zephyr APIs, we should stay close to known
best practices, like POSIX ("close" and "not exactly" because following
POSIX by word would lead to quite bloated solutions, though we're going
to provide that option too via Zephyr's POSIX subsystem).

Caveat is the same as with some other APIs in Zephyr: it's
experimental, work in progress, and subject to change (and will
change, as again, the idea is to make it better than legacy UART
APIs). The race here is to try to stabilize as much as possible of it
for the 1.14 LTS release.

All the best

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