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Prabhu Vinod, Karthik


This is a request for tips and advice or any other suggestion. I am trying to populate a fifo queue here: https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/blob/master/tests/net/lib/mqtt_pubsub/src/test_mqtt_pubsub.c#L169 .  I realized i cant do that directly because I get a data access violation since the mqtt callback runs in a ISR. I verified this by k_is_in_isr().

So I delegated or offloaded the k_fifo_put work to a system work queue. Now, k_fifo_put runs inside a system work queue thread. But even then, I get an Unaligned data access.

I know there is not enough data to troubleshoot, But am I doing something obviously wrong. Any comments or hints or tips?

I did reference a lot of samples while trying this.

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