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Prabhu Vinod, Karthik

Hi Andrew,


I tried only with that config option…did not launch a thread with K_USER perms. Maybe I will try that.


Many Regards,

Karthik Prabhu Vinod


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Subject: RE: [Zephyr-users] #mqtt_sock #user_mode_thread


I'm not sure if anyone before you has tried this. We do have system calls for the socket APIs.


  • I tested out with CONFIG_USERSPACE=y


Did you do only this, or did you make API calls from a thread created with K_USER?




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Subject: [Zephyr-users] #mqtt_sock #user_mode_thread


Can the current mqtt_sock implementation run in user mode thread? Are there obvious limitations that prevent it from running it in user mode?

When I tested, i didnt find any limitation . I tested out with CONFIG_USERSPACE=y

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