Re: Driver development outside zephyr tree

Carles Cufi

Hi Venkat,


You might want to look at this GitHub issue and follow the discussion there:






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Subject: [Zephyr-users] Driver development outside zephyr tree



I tried to add support for custom SoC and custom board without adding to zephyr tree and I could do that. I am able to compile hello_world by passing needed command line options to cmake (SOC_ROOT, BOARD_ROOT, DTS_APP_INCLUDE). I maintained similar directory structure as zephyr in my work area.

Now I needed to add drivers support. How do I add drivers support without adding them to zephyr tree?

I tried creating similar structure like drivers/i2c folder in my work area and added Kconfig.mysoc, CMakeLists.txt and my_i2c_driver.c. I have also created Kconfig and CMakeLists.txt under drivers folder also.

At my work area root level also, I have created CMakeLists.txt and Kconfig. I could enable config options by passing KCONFIG_ROOT to work area root.

Now the problem is with CMakeLists.txt. I tried to include my work area root CMakeLists.txt in samples and it didn't work.

What is the recommended way to develop drivers for custom soc without adding to zephyr tree?


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