Re: pyocd with eclipse under Ubuntu18.04

Andy Gross

On Fri, 15 Feb 2019 at 14:24, Lawrence King <> wrote:

That gets me past one error and opens a new one: when I try to start the debugger I get a message: “pyOCD GDB Server failed with code (2).” I suspect I have the Debug Configuration -> Debugger -> pyOCD Setup -> Executable set wrong. Should I be using “pyocd”, “pyocd-server”, or something else?
I use pyocd-gdbserver. Once you spawn that, you can connect to it via
`gdb target remote localhost:3333`.

If you get a chance can you update the documentation page at for linux users so other people don’t have the same issues.
I'll take a look. Those docs usually get updated pretty regularly.

P.S. Andy - we have met several times at various Linaro Connects, however I was wearing a different hat at that time.
Yeah I recognized the name. Small world, huh? =D



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