96Boards GPIO standard names?

Lawrence King

I have been writing code for a peripheral board that plugs into a Nitrogen or any other 96Boards compliant board (with 40-pin Low Speed connector) running Zephyr. I was trying to code use of the GPIOs in a way that would work for all compliant boards without adding custom definitions.


The 96Boards IOT specification nicely describes the I/O connector and the features on the connector. For example GPIO-A is on Pin 23 of the connector. Unfortunately each board uses different chipset GPIOs to drive the pin on the connector. If I had a symbolic name for the connector GPIO pin (for example GPIO_96B_A_CONTROLLER and GPIO_96B_A_PIN) that mapped to the chipset GPIIO pin,  then my code would work (after  recompile with the appropriate BOARD=96B_xxx) across all of the compliant boards with no change to the source code.


Right now with the Nitrogen board I have created a set of defines based on reading the schematic, but of course these will not work with the next chip I use I will have to wrap the defines with #if BOARD==96B_xxx .


It is possible that you already have these definitions, but I didn’t manage to find them.


I realize that Zephyr supports many boards with many form factors and this would only solve the issue for a few boards.


Lawrence King

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