Re: nRF52840 memory layout

Kumar Gala

The nordic guys probably know better, but its possible that the flash that isn’t carved up is used for code.

- k

On Mar 6, 2019, at 8:21 AM, Christoph Schramm <schramm@...> wrote:

Dear All,

maybe I’m reading it wrong, but in all nRF52840-related DTS files, the memory layout ends at 524,288 bytes and I wonder why. That wastes the other 50% of the available storage. Is there any reason to not change

storage_partition: partition@7a000 {
label = "storage";
reg = <0x0007a000 0x00006000>;


storage_partition: partition@7a000 {
label = "storage";
reg = <0x0007a000 0x00086000>;

So that the memory layout ends at 0x0010 0000 (last documented block in nRF52’s SDK Memory Layout Document).

Please advise.


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