[Networking][Mbedtls] Judicious use of cipher suites

Prabhu Vinod, Karthik



I wanted to check if there is a way to use cryptographic cipher suites without including following config options.










In most user space application clients like those of mqtt, co-ap https etc,  I have observed we associate a tls_config with a socket as a socket_opt. I wanted to know if we could use a very small set of cipher suites just by providing the list of cipher suites in tls_config->cipher_list  and skip enabling the CONFIG_MBEDTLS, CONFIG_MBEDTLS_BUILTIN. I don’t want to use config-tls-generic config file as the default as it contains almost all the cipher suites


At Application level we can do the below:

struct mqtt_sec_config *tls_config = &client->transport.tls.config;


tls_config->peer_verify = 2;

tls_config->cipher_list = NULL;

tls_config->sec_tag_list = m_sec_tags;

tls_config->sec_tag_count = ARRAY_SIZE(m_sec_tags);

tls_config->hostname = hostname;



Look forward to some suggestions here



Many Regards,

Karthik Prabhu Vinod


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