Re: [Networking][socket] When is network is ready to accept a socket connection

Jukka Rissanen

Hi Karthik,

For IPv4 monitoring NET_EVENT_IPV4_ADDR_ADD is best option atm.
NET_EVENT_IPV6_ROUTER_ADD should be used instead.

These events are not optimal and some more work is needed in the future
to make this more generic. So something like this draft that is still


On Tue, 2019-04-09 at 22:13 +0000, Prabhu Vinod, Karthik wrote:

I wanted to know if there are network events which I can subscribe,
to know when the network init is complete. If there is one, I want to
wait and use the callback to notify my app that then It can perform
socket_connection. Because a socket connection on a non-ready network
is blocking call.

I looked through include/net/net_event.h and found that there is
NET_EVENT_IPV4_ADDR_ADD which comes closest to our use case since
assigning IPv4 address to an network interface should be last thing
to perform in a network_boot sequence. Is there something else that I
could do?

Many Regards,
Karthik Prabhu Vinod

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