Re: 6lowpan border router



On Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 03:47:42PM +0530, Tavish Naruka wrote:
Hi all,

I have been trying to use `wpan_serial` (ported to use nRF52840's
802.15.4 radio, and slip-radio on UART_1 instead of USB CDC ACM). I
cannot get an ipv6 prefix to propagate though. Maybe it is neighbor
discovery not working?

I am running contiki-NG's native-border-router program, and it seems
to be working, except for the ipv6 prefix propagation. From the
native-border-router CLI, I can ping to other nodes
(echo_client/echo_server compiled with 'overlay-802154.conf'), but
using pin6 or any other utility, basically there is no route to them.
Same for the nodes, they can ping from/to each other, and UDP/TCP also
work, but they are still using link-local addresses though.
I have done wpan_serial app and it was working with RPL nodes (now RPL
support was removed from Zephyr as we have no maintainer for it).

Best regards
Andrei Emeltchenko

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