Re: Debugging NRF51822 (OpenOCD + GDB)

Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa

Ah… I see your revision is older than a controller regression fix done in cb90fbe56.
The symptom was the exact assert as you see, around ~8 mins interval from power up.

Please use latest revision and let me know if you still see assert.
But its weird you don’t get logs from your application.

On 25 Aug 2017, at 15:38, Scott Nelson <> wrote:

I’m using an unmodified master as of revision 2de5902. Here’s the full code for the project I’m working on:



On Aug 25, 2017, at 9:31 AM, Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa <> wrote:

I forced an assert in radio_event_adv_prepare by setting
"_radio.tocker_id_prepare = 1”. All I see is:

***** HARD FAULT *****
Executing thread ID (thread): 0x200007a8
Faulting instruction address: 0xbc76

No additional logging.
Are you using the upstream master as-is? Or you have modified the default configurations?
BT_ERR message when ASSERTing should be printed out on UART by default for the peripheral sample.

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