Incorrect flash_map in Zephyr v1.14.0 #nrf52840

Phil Hipp

Hi everybody,

it seems I found a bug in v1.14.0. I'm using Zephyr on my nrf52840 based custom board together with mcuboot v1.3.0. Everything worked fine with Zephyr v1.13.0, but after updating to the latest release I'm not able to boot the image in slot 0 via mcuboot. After debugging for a while, I had a look at the array flash_map (pointing to default_flash_map). This array has 5 entries that reflect the partitions defined in the board's dts, except that the entries for slot 0 and 1 are turned around. Because of this mcuboot is pointing to slot 1 when it wants to boot from slot 0 and vice versa. I first thought this is an issue with my custom board, but I have the same problem building for e.g. nrf52840_pca10056.

Did I simply miss something here or is this really an issue?




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