nrf9160 networking

Nick Glencross


Without doubt this will be a newbie question, but I'm having trouble seeing the wood from the trees.

I've written some code which works really well under both the POSIX and qemu targets, but am unclear how best to get either real or simulated networking working on my new nrf9160 board.

I think I'm in a location where my bundled iBasis SIM card doesn't work, so should I be:
  • Trying to get the modem working with a local SIM card?
  • Trying to get an external network card working
  • Networking via the host computer? I tried enabling SLIP but it seem to make the executable die with a UARTException
    This would actually be my preferred solution at the moment
  • Another option I haven't considered
As a follow up question, if I want to get networking working through the modem, will I need to use the libraries that the asset_tracker depends on, such as modem_info, bsdlib, etc. Are there easier ways to do it?
I will be making simple SSL http requests.

Thanks in advance,


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