Re: Sparkfun Pro nRF52840 Mini support?

Kumar Gala

On Apr 24, 2019, at 2:47 PM, Lawrence King <lawrence.king@...> wrote:

Hi Rodrigo:

You asked: “Are you sure that it is not possible to program a new zephyr firmware with the current bootloader?”, the answer is

As I mentioned earlier, my backup plan is to use a J-Link device, It should show up in a day or two, and I am reasonably confident that will work.

I am impressed with the huge number of boards that Zephyr does support, kudos to the Zephyr Project for getting so much running. Hopefully the project team will have a chance to get the various debuggers cleanly integrated and make every board really easy for newbies….
We’d be happy to accept changes for the boards to support both w & w/o the bootloader. I haven’t looked at the submissions for the existing boards, but I’m guessing that for a number of boards the quickest way to get Zephyr going was to ignore the bootloader.

- k

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